Organic Coconut Aminos

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Organic Coconut Aminos


Savoury sauce.

Perfect to dress salads, vegetables & savoury dishes.

Organic, preservative free, soy free, gluten free, dairy free, MSG free.

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Ingredients; coconut sap, coconut nectar, sea salt.

Made by distilling the sap of the tree into a vinegar, add a dash of coconut nectar, a pinch of sea salt, and then ferment in barrels that have been infused with bird’s eye chilis, garlic & onion.

Resulting in a dark, rich, savoury sauce.

Preservative free, gluten and soy free and vegan friendly.

Packed in recyclable glass bottles.

Coconut aminos are abundant in amino acids & probiotics that are essential for good health.

This low GI (glycemic index) & low salt sauce alternative is packed with nutrients and vitamins. Due to minimal processing, the sauce remains pro-biotically alive. It contains 17 naturally occurring amino acids, has an almost perfect pH balance, yields a low glycemic index of 35, and is a high source of broad-spectrum B vitamins, including inositol.

It contains 300% less sodium than leading soya sauces available.

Use as a dipping sauce, a dressing or as a gluten & soy free alternative to soya sauce.

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