Coconut Oil - Your Summer Essential

A 500ml jar in the kitchen. A 300ml jar in the bathroom. And 40ml jar in your beach bag.

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Here’s 5 reasons why you will want a jar of Three By One Organic Virgin Coconut Oil class to hand all summer long:

5 reasons you’ll want a jar of organic coconut oil at your side all summer long:

1. It can help ease your sunburn naturally

A bit longer than expected out in the sun? Suffering from sunburn? Not only can organic coconut oil help soothe, moisturise, and cool your burned skin, but it can also help it heal faster, due to the vitamin E and lauric acid it contains. Use on its own, or combine 1/4 of a cup with a tablespoon of aloe vera for a super cooling salve.

2. It can help keep your skin looking amazing

Use organic coconut oil as a safe, chemical-free shaving oil. Make a simple sugar scrub by combining coconut oil & coconut sugar. Or simply just slather on as an all natural moisturiser. A little goes a long way!

3. It can keep your armpits fresh

Make your own natural deodorant by combining coconut oil with baking soda & essential oils. A non-toxic way to keep fresh all summer.

4. It makes a great insect repellant

Mix some coconut oil with peppermint, tea tree, or rosemary essential oils, and apply to your skin to help ward off mosquitoes and other summer insects.

5. It can naturally deep-condition your hair

Salt water and chlorine can really take a toll on hair. Put coconut oil in your hair before you jump in the pool or hit the beach, for some extra moisturising protection. Simply rub a small amount between your palms and work into your hair, focusing on the tips. If your hair is already frazzled, wet it and comb a dollop of oil through it. Tie it into a loose bun and cover with a shower cap. Leave the coconut oil in for a few hours before washing it out with a gentle shampoo.

Have a sunny, organic coconut oil–filled summer!