Let's talk about Coconut Milk.

Coconut milk is ideal for using in your coffee, tea, smoothies, cooking, & even in your bath!

The fats in it are great for the health of your brain & your skin.

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Here’s all you need to know about Three By One Organic Coconut Milk.

Fresh coconut meat from mature kernels is steeped in purified water & strained through layers of cheesecloth to extract the milk. Our milk is not a brilliant white colour. Some cans may even have a slight brown-ish tinge which comes from the coconut shell, but this just goes to prove our product is 100% natural & has not been subjected to any chemical processes. If coconut milk looks pure white, it may have been processed with bleaching additives….

We do not use any preservatives in our canned coconut milk. Instead we flash pasteurise the milk. We also do not have any additives. Majority of canned coconut milks on the market contain both preservatives & thickeners.

Because coconut milk contains the actual meat of the coconut, it contains the natural healthy fats that are great for your brain, skin & metabolism. 

Our coconut milk is naturally rich in saturated fats, mainly short & medium chain fatty acids. MCT’s (Lauric Acid) are usually not stored by the body as fat, but are instead metabolised to provide instant energy.

Lauric acid is believed to boost the immune system & has been shown to promote brain development & bone health. The richest natural source of Lauric acid is mother’s milk. The next richest source is coconuts. Lauric acid has been found to have microbial properties, so it can help protect against bacterial infection. Studies show it may also help in maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels & in keeping them clean, which in turn could lower the risk for conditions like atherosclerosis & heart disease.

Coconut trees grow in rich volcanic soil which contributes to the high mineral content of a coconut. About 22% of the recommended daily allowance of iron (for women, it is lower for men) can be absorbed from a single serving of coconut milk. With such a high levels of iron, consuming coconut milk regularly could naturally decrease iron deficiency disorders.

Apart from the beneficial MCT’s & the mineral content, coconut milk also contains several antioxidant compounds which can provide protection against harmful free radicals & their damaging effects on the body cells & tissues.
Coconut milk can promote a healthy gut by relieving gastric symptoms, stomach ulcers, & even acid reflux.

And if all those benefits aren’t enough, coconut milk can even help to relax nerves & muscles, control blood sugar level, lower blood pressure & reduce joint inflammation.


So. How to use Three By One Organic Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk can be used in the same way as any other dairy or non-dairy milk. The creamy texture & slightly sweet flavour lends itself well to all kinds of delicious applications.

DRINK IT. Use it in coffee, tea, matcha and smoothies.

OVERNIGHT OATS & PORRIDGE. The rich feel and light flavour of our coconut milk is ideal for making overnight oats & porridge, making a deliciously creamy breakfast.

ADD TO SOUP. Coconut milk is thicker and more cohesive than other kinds of non-dairy milk. It’s perfect for adding as a finishing touch to any soup.

MAKE A DRESSING. Coconut milk is an ideal base for making a rich, creamy, but dairy-free salad dressing.

CREAMY CURRY. Many traditional cuisines around the world use coconut milk for cooking. Many curries call for coconut milk as the base.

GRANOLA GOODNESS. Pour it over your favourite granola. Or any other breakfast cereal for that matter! You can dilute it with a little more water if it is too thick straight from the can.

BAKE WITH IT. Any recipe that calls for milk, simply replace with coconut milk.

CREAMY ICE CREAM. Freeze & whip. Vegan desert deliciousness!

BATHE IN IT. Add it to your bath for a skin nourishing relaxing treat. Rinse your hair with it for a moisturising condition.

100% Coconut milk
No processing. No additives. No preservatives
Produced sustainable & ethically with small scale producers in Sri Lanka.