Our products have all been carefully sourced and lovingly produced from hand-picked coconuts harvested in the Pure Ceylon island of Sri Lanka.

Three By One Coconut is always single origin - we will only source from this Pure Ceylon area. Why? Ceylon provides a premium quality that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. It is locally believed that the unique flavour of Ceylon produce is due to the island being so small, which enables the sea breeze to circulate across the span of it. Whether you believe this or not, we know that our products have a superior quality to other brands found on the market.

Very few brands lay an emphasis on the origin of their coconut oil and its by-products. They tend to move supply from different countries depending on the harvest and prices. Some brands state the origin as being from a range of different countries, for example the Philippines, Fiji and/or Indonesia, or simply do not declare the origin. This makes it extremely difficult for those brands to provide and maintain a consistent level of quality.

To ensure we maintain a premium quality for our products, we remain Pure Ceylon.   

Three By One coconut products are 100% organic certified by USDA-NOP and the EU. Chemical free, unrefined, non-GMO, with no preservatives added. Supplied in glass to keep the fresh and natural flavours (unlike plastic and tin which can give a foreign odour or flavour).


Three By One has a strong ethical focus.  

Child labour is illegal in Sri Lanka. Our coconut factory/plants do not employ any children. Workers are provided with a comprehensive selection of facilities; from housing to healthcare.

Coconut mills in the Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka are responsible for a lot of the welfare and on-going development in these areas. Schools are provided with books. Co-operative shops are funded by welfare funds allocated for workers. Festival celebrations are organised by the regional manufacturers for the local communities.

We are proud to be associated with our plantations in Sri Lanka. They pay union negotiated wages, take part in health care, welfare and community services for the area, provide books for the plantation schools, and in general look after all the needs of the employees who live and work in the region. Funds from NGO organisations are also channelled through the management to fund new buildings and necessary infrastructure for the inhabitants of these close knit communities.

We also guarantee that monkeys are NOT used to harvest the coconuts.


We are able to say there is zero waste in the production of Three By One coconut products. Every part of the coconut is used, from the husk right through to the water used to wash the coconuts. There are no wasted by-products.

Sustainable production covering everything from the plantation and production through to the well-being of employees and their families is a major component of our selected plantations and associated regions. A healthy code of ethics and focus on sustainable production were key requirements in our selection of the Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka as our only source for coconut products.

We use recyclable glass jars and BPA free lids & cans.


Our organic certification is issued by Control Union – Sri Lanka (operating under authority of Control Union – Netherlands) and ensures that our manufacturing processes are compliant to European standards.  

The organic certificatification allows complete traceability and transparency, to ensure a high quality certified organic product.

Every shipment into Europe has its own transaction certificate, with a listing of the exact products that are being shipped and the Control Union authorisation confirming the organic nature of it.

A Phytosanitary certificate is issued by the Department of Agriculture confirming all natural products used pertain to the required standards for export