Three By One is a brand of small batch organic products, based in Antwerp, Belgium & Cambridge, UK, owned by me, Laura.

While travelling for my denim design job I came across a family owned company with a proud heritage of being one of the pioneer coconut oil manufacturers in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon.

The family have been coconut oil millers in Sri Lanka since 1913, when they established a state of the art (at that time) coconut oil factory. During the 1983 terrorist riots in Sri Lanka, their ancestral property & coconut oil mill was burned to the ground. In 2012, noticing the emerging trend for coconut oil, one of the sons reinstated the family business.

Fast forward to 2015. I was busy working for one of the big 3 denim brands & working closely with the other son who had gone into the textile industry. A non work conversation, about an idea I had that never came to fruition, led me to hear the family story & before I knew it had my own jars of coconut oil on the way to Belgium!

The product range predominantly consists of coconut based products, all produced from a single harvest of coconuts.

We have also added some traditional ayurvedic spices to the range. These spices are native to Sri Lanka & are traditionally used in cooking, beauty products, & ayurvedic medicine. All are grown by small scale growers around our coconut plantations, & the spices are of the highest grade available.

Our products stand out in the market as they are all single origin, packed at source, dairy free, vegan, gluten free.

All our producers are small scale family businesses, many with several generations of experience. The years of skills, tradition, & the culture that each business we work with has, ensures every product is the best quality it can be.

We are passionate about organic agriculture, sustainable production, & building collective relationships. That is why we only source from family owned farms, & coconut/spice millers in the rural villages of the coconut triangle in Sri Lanka.

All our products are carefully harvested following very strict organic principles & all products are certified to meet stringent international regulations.

(EC) No.834/2007 7& (EC) No.889/2008 (EU & USDA-NOP). ISO 2200. Kosher.

We have a strong ethical focus. We are proud to be associated with our plantations in Sri Lanka. They pay union negotiated wages, take part in health care, welfare & community services for the area, provide books for the plantation schools, & in general look after all the needs of the employees. Funds from NGO organisations are also channelled through to fund new buildings & necessary infrastructure for the inhabitants of these close knit communities.

Child labour is illegal in Sri Lanka. We do not employ any children.

We also guarantee that monkeys are NOT used to harvest the coconuts.