The Coconut Cure-All

If you could only live off of one ingredient, coconut would make for a pretty good choice. The superfruit is packed with natural fats and nutrients that deeply nourish you from the inside out. But maybe you are new to experimenting with this food-grade oil as a beauty product? Can you really slather it on your toast in the morning AND the tips of your hair?

For you newbies out there, here are 5 fun ways to embrace this tropical wonder oil.

Mix it into your smoothies.

Add a tablespoon to your go-to smoothie recipes — it’s especially great alongside slightly bitter greens like spinach and kale. Thanks to its high concentration of antibacterial, anti-viral lauric acid, it helps support your immune system while giving your smoothie a silky soft texture.

Swap it for butter. 

One of the amazing things about coconut oil it how it can change states, changing from a liquid to a creamy salve, depending on the temperature at which you store it. If you live in a cool climate (hello Northern Europe!) or if you put it in the fridge, coconut oil hardens into a butter-like consistency, which makes it ideal for spreading on everything from toast to bagels.

Blend it into your coffee.

Brew your favourite coffee and while it’s still hot, put in the blender along with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Blend well and you’ll end up with a delicious frothy concoction that will give you a long-lasting energy boost.

Drizzle it on popcorn.

Turn regular popcorn into a gourmet experience — just pour a tiny bit of melted coconut oil into a just-popped bag, shake it up and voila: movie popcorn like you’ve never tasted it before.

Let it cool down your skin.

After a long day at the beach or an intense workout, store your coconut oil in the fridge and scoop out a little bit to spread over your limbs. You’ll instantly rehydrate your skin and bring down your body temperature. Plus, the subtle scent doubles as perfume.

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