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Mother Made, Naturally Dyed Textiles, Handcrafted in the Sri Lankan Highlands.

AMMA is a social enterprise start-up that trains & employs mothers in Sri Lanka's central highlands.

They harness the power of food waste, fallen leaves and ayurvedic plants to make our dyes. Using food waste from hotels, cafes & juice bars on the island, as well as plants grown by the mothers themselves, we create delicate colours that adapt & change with time.

Together with AMMA, we use these colours to create beautiful textiles that are safe, natural & toxic free.

AMMA mothers come from the tea picking communities in the Sri Lankan highlands.

A fair wage is paid, & we also provide a savings scheme that helps them save & plan for the future.

Profits over time will be reinvested into local charity Child Action Lanka.

Slow & sustainable is our ethos.

Meet the makers & learn more about AMMA here.

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